Lazy Monk Dry Bag Waterproof Backpack Bags | Phone Case Heavy Duty Outdoor Travel Sack for Women & Men with Strap | Universal for Hiking, Kayaking, Camping, Boating, Rafting & Multifunctional Bandana

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Manufacturer Description

Our mission: 100% Happiness Guaranteed The result: The Lazy Monk Waterproof Dry Bag Set! One of the BEST kept secrets in the camping and hiking world is the amazing Dry Bag backpack sack! Coming in various sizes and colors, the dry bag will keep all your belongings perfectly dry! You can enjoy your adventure, cross rivers, swim lakes! As long as you have the sealed dry bag on your back, you can be sure that no drop of water will come close to your belongings! We know the problems and we have the answers! An investment for a lifetime! You will fall in love with this dry bag backpack sack! So, we made sure that the dry bag will stay with you forever or for as long as you please! Made from durable 500 D PVC, super resistant to weight, scratch and heat, your Lazy Monk Dry Bag waterproof sack will face up to any adventure! Your search has ended! This is the floating dry bag you have been looking for! Safety comes first! We've all heard the stories about buckles falling apart or straps that are too short! We're here to change all that. This dry bag sack comes with super strong buckles that ensure a perfect sealing! Made of high quality material, these buckles will do their job perfectly a long time from now! Plus, the safety-reinforced dry bag strap is adjustable, just to make sure that nothing will go wrong on your great adventure! Value for money! Who doesn't like being spoiled? After clicking the Add To Cart button, alongside your portable dry bag, you will be receiving a multifunctional bandana great for any hiker, and a super resistant universal dry bag phone case! We did the research and fixed the issues competitors face! The cell phone dry bag is made from 100% waterproof fabric, with a clever sealing system, that keeps water away! Start your great adventure! Hop on your surf board, your kayak or on that old fishing boat, waiting by the river and let the adventure begin! The Dry Bag is right here to keep you company and your things dry!

Product Features

🌊COMPLETE PACK: The Waterproof Dry Bag Kit contains the large Dry Bag Backpack Sack, made from ULTRA STRONG PVC with the SAFETY enforced super RESISTANT Strap, the UNIVERSAL water resistant phone case, which fits ALL cell phone models, the HIGH QUALITY Multifunctional Bandana & the Incredible Songs of Water HARD COVER book, the Go To tips for Adventurers! CONFIDENCE: 5 YEARS WARRANTY 💡FLAWLESS DESIGN: Unlike all other Dry Bags you might find on the market, this Dry Backpack Sack, made of durable 500 D PVC, has a PREMIUM roll top sealing mechanism, perfectly finished with a hardened buckle to ensure FULL protection. Start taking those underwater photos, as the extensively TESTED Universal Waterproof Dry Bag for cell phones is here to protect the device! 🏄CONQUER THE WATER: The Waterproof Bag for women & men loves the adventure! As do you! Ride the surf board, lead the kayak, and swim that lake you've been dreaming about! Dry Bags will keep everything in PERFECT condition! Don't forget to use your phone to capture every amazing moment of your journey! With the waterproof phone case and VERSATILE Bandana, you are all set to live your dreams. 🎁PERFECT gift for Kayaking, rafting, camping, hiking, swimming enthusiasts, the outdoor waterproof bag sack is a true companion, always taking care of your belongings. STORE your wallet, clothes, maybe a book a camera and go conquer water! Who would you buy for? 💰PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT & BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 5 year WARRANTY for your Waterproof Dry Bag. Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens with your Cool Dry Bag, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs or efforts from your side.

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