KEEPON Waterproof Dry Bags for Water Sports Kayaking, Canoeing, Fishing - Dry Gear Bag and Sack by Durable, Lightweight Floating Backpack - Great For Outdoors, Camping and Hiking

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Manufacturer Description

KeepOn Keep'in On With Our Waterproof Dry Bag
For the continuous adventure-seekers or just the weekend-warriors, the KeepOn backpack sling is the perfect accessory for any person and any outdoor event. Derived from strong, 100% waterproof PVC material, this bag is durable, resilient, and maintains the integrity and safety of your valuable items. With its adjustable single-strap, it is portable and easy to carry. Designed specifically for water and snow sports, this bag that floats is perfect for snowboarding, skiing, kayaking, rafting, swimming, and sailing. It's also a great protection bag for your possessions during a hurricane, flood, avalanche, or downpour. The foldable design creates a water-sealed barrier and offers some flexibility so it can be placed in other storage spaces like a cabinet, drawer, or backpack. With the vibrant color options, each bag is easy to see and hard to lose, making it a great product to have if you're out in the backwoods, on the water, or on top of a mountain. Whatever your thrill is, we say "KeepOn keep'in on."

Product Details:
100% Waterproof
PVC Material
Adjustable Single-Strap
Color: Dark Blue
Size: 5 Liters

Size Variations: 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L

Color Variations: Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Gray

5L bag can hold (approximately):
Cell phone, keys, wallet, camera, jewelry, passport, extra pair of socks, t-shirt, hat, or a combination of these things

Product Features

A LIFEJACKET FOR YOUR VALUABLES: When you do anything in the water, you probably take preemptive measures to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. But what about other things you love like your phone, wallet, keys, and camera? The KeepOn roll-top backpack for travel is a durable, tightly- sealed mid-size dry pack that keeps your valuables safe from water damage or sinking. This daypack is buoyant, so if it falls in the water, your bag will surface, making it much easier to recover. TOUGH MATERIAL FOR TOUGH PEOPLE: At KeepOn, we wanted to make high-quality, resilient, waterproof gear that could keep up with the most adventurous among our clients. Made from PVC vinyl with a roll-top design that fastens closed with a buckle, this bag won't tear, fray, or leak. Whether you're kayaking, jet skiing, waterboarding, snowboarding, or skiing, this dry compression sack is the perfect sidekick for all of life's great expeditions. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: This floating duffle bag isn't just for boating, paddle boarding, snorkeling, and sailing; it's also the perfect way to store your iphone, money, passport, and jewelry in the event of an emergency. Heavy-duty and compact, this drying storage bag will safeguard your things during hurricanes, flooding, torrential downpours, and snowstorms. While great for fun activities, the KeepOn dry compression bag is a must in any adverse weather conditions. STYLISH AND SLEEK: Created for thrill-seekers but designed for the fashion-forward, these waterproof pouches are the perfect blend of functional and attractive. Each bag has an adjustable, single strap for convenience and comfort. The array of color options make this product versatile and fun so that your overboard dry bag will really stand out in a sea of dull-looking alternatives. Plus, the bright color alternatives come in handy if you were to lose it in the snow, water, or backwoods. MAKES FOR A GREAT GIFT: If you are having difficulty deciding on what to get that special person in your life who likes to venture into the great unknown, this is a perfect solution. Unique, versatile, and high- quality, the KeepOn water protection pack is ideal for Father's Day, a birthday, a high school or college graduation, or even just as a surprise. Great for all ages and all expertise levels, it will be a present your loved one will never forget.

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